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As the the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) contiues making headlines around the world, we at the Princess Chatman Foundation of Global Development, want to offer our support and provide both internal and external guidance to our employees, their families and the general population. 

We are all in this fight together to stay alive to stay safe.  I am personally doing my part to stay safe and keep others safe by social distancing.  I encourage all to following the safety guidelines of your community and health leaders.

Things will get better, this too will pass, but today we must continue the fight for "HUMANITY" by practicing social distancing for ourselves and for those we love!

CEO Princess Karen Chatman

The Princess Karen Foundation of Global Development



"the solution is within"

Have you ever questioned who you are and where did you come from?  Have you ever lost a love one to a horrific disease to which there was no cure, and you felt helpless?  Well I have and I wanted to rid others of this unbearable pain. 

My story begins here. I understood even as a child that people die and that this was part of life but even as a child, I believed that some people died too soon, before their time.  As I grew older, I held on to this belief and refused to accept the fact that many diseases like Cancer and now the Virus COVID19 could not be cured. 

In 2013, I attended a seminar where a Research and Development company was unveiling its latest research into DNA and Gene therapy.  The seminar seem to allude to a thinking much like my own but the concept itself, left me with many question. I was more than intrigued by this new scientific approach to finding a cure for the incruable.  

I had been provided with hope! I at that moment wanted to become part of a solution that could find a cure or a treatment that would allow people to live. I wanted to be part of this ongoing effort aimed at curing cancer and other incurable diseases.

The new approach to curing such diseases like Cancer was explained to me by Dr. Fleming from the United Kingdom as a method using DNA and Gene therapy. This was a new and revolutionary approach, that used a persons own DNA and Genes to cure cancer and many other incurable disease.  I was fascinated by this ideas and the data from the research which was shared with me. Although still in its infancy stages of research and development, the very thought the there could be a reality in-which a person's own body had a hidden code; that if decoded, could unlock the secrets to the body's ability to cure itself. .

I myself not having a medical or scientific background, decided to establish the Princess Karen foundation of Ancestry and Global Development (The PKC Foundation ), and by doing so I was joining the quest to support scientific in the conquest to unlock these hidden secrets within the body, using DNA and Gene therapy. The PKC Foundation would be a bridge leading to further research and the development of new treatments for curing diseases such as; Cancer, Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and the Virus COVID19.  

The PKC foundation, partnered with key research institutes and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) to provide assistance through our "booths on the ground" support to those people needing assistance through alternative means of treatment for incurable diseases by becoming a resources and advocate; providing much needed support directly to those person suffering from diseases to which there were no current cure and thus providing support to key researchers.

The PKC Foundation, since opening its doors in 2013, has provided direct support to those found eligible for medical supplies, personal in-home care providers, and financial support at no cost to the individual through our Caring Hearts Program.

In 2016, The PKC Foundation, realized that as an institution we weren't doing enough for humanity and in our surrounding communities. This  was the catalyst for our expansion. This realization paved the way for our partnership with our sister organizations Think Pink for a Cure and Home to Home,  broadening The PKC Foundations's ability to offer support to  communities worldwide.  

The PKC Foundation has taken on a lot over the last few years, but with the support of our partners and volunteers; we have been able to successfully build over 100 homes in South Africa, invent and build a clean water filtration system in Asia, and provide financial support to several Research Institutes aiding in their continuous research and testing efforts of developing new treatments. 

It is The PKC Foundation's  belief, that the key to curing and incurable diseases is in the Human DNA.  In fact The PKC Foundation, strongly believes the key to many cures lies within each of us through our DNA. 

We firmly believe that in addition to finding a cure for incurable disease, that as humans we are all connected and should fuel the desire  to help others.

We are privately funded non-governmental organization with the majority of our administrative functions  being provided by volunteers. We believe each person makes a difference for the betterment of humanity when they take part in helping others

The Princess Karen Chatman Foundation of Ancestry and Global Development seeks volunteers, throughout the year and encourages you join our quest. We also take application for those needing assistance with Food, Shelter, Clothing and Funding for Medical Care.

TO VOLUNTEER, please complete the online form here on our website or send us and email directly at

TO APPLY FOR ASSISTANCE, please complete our online form or send an email to

This is the Mission and Vision of,The Princess Karen Chatman Foundation of Ancestry and Global Development and a look into my personal Journey. 

Princess Karen Chatman




Dedicated to Prince Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahima Sori (عبد الرحمن ابن ابراهيم سوري



Through various types of genetic testing, many people have been connected to their family members all over the world. There have been stories told of finding a genetic matches that saved lives through such testing. The intent however of the Princess Karen Chatman Foundation of Ancestry and Global Development, is to unite the world and provide resources to people that can not afford, education, clean water, food, or medical treatments. We ask that people join us as we fight to make a way for the seemly impossible through offering your service of charity through volunteering, as we are all connected.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube


It might not seem that a starving child a thousands miles away, whom you don't know should be any of your concern. Give us the opportunity to show you that they are, and how their lives impacts us all.  Call us today and I promise you will understand just how important you are to the survival of the World.

Rwandan Children


We are a family, it does not matter if you are living in Dubai, Kenya, China, the United States or in a village not even on the map.  What happens to our world affects us all.  Through research into ancestry and genetic we are more related that we think.  This type of research is leading to various cures of many diseases. Please join us in the fight to make the world truly united. Volunteer Today!

Family in the Kitchen


"We are in this together"



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100 Volunteers from around the world came together to help with finding aquifer that supplied clean water to a remote village in Thailand.


In the small village where Terrja lives girls were not allowed to go to school.  From the early age of 7, Terria had to work, cook and take care of the men in her household as woman were thought of as servants.  The Princess Karen Chatman Foundation of Ancestry and Global Development met with the Chief and elders in Terrja village and persuaded them to allow just an hour a day to girls education.  With the approval of the Chief and village leaders, there is now a small school founded by the Egypt and Arab Educational  Society in conjunction with the Princess Karen Chatman Foundation, that allows for girls in the village to now be educated in, Mathematics, and Reading.  There is still more to accomplish in Terria's village but it is a positive beginning.




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